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We have been developing plugins and adjuntant code for clients for over 7 years.

Most clients have specific needs and requirements, and those needs and requirements do not come "out of the box".   In order to provide solutions that are not "built in",   or are not readily available.......

Whether they are design addon elements, mysql requirements, or the out of the ordinary. A solution was achieved.



With the development of solutions, we have maintained a regular repository of ready to use, surplus of functioning code. This is an invaluable resource for us, as we regularly "dip into the well" to make use of this functioning material.


Moving forward

Being able to adapt to the changing market and keep abreast of the current flow of the workplace, has helped us maintain our source to the highest levels. This source has now been re-engineered into stand-alone plugins.


Less is more

Surviving in a marketplace where competiton is fierce and the volume of developers is abundant. We felt our primary focus for each plugin is to complete the task, and be as efficient as possible. This is why we do not "bloat" our plugins with unnecessary extra features that are sure to slow down the function, or worse yet, simply break.