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Insert Page

Insert a page or post
Great way to streamline productivity


Imagine cutting down on the time it takes to re-render similar or multiple copies of the same element?

Sometimes a situation arises where certian information needs to be on multiple pages ans in some cases, different positions.   Each one has to be manually created....... right?

Not any more!


Now all that is required is generating an original -- then using Insert Page, to allow the post to be placed and viewed on any other post or page. Throughout the entire site... anywhere and everywhere!


✅ Simple 1-Step Process

Use the ID number of the content being inserted. This ID is specific to each post and discovery is tedious. *Under normal circumstances a post listing ID is not displayed.


✅ Helpful Addition

We have made it easy by adding a function to show the ID to simplify the process even more!  A new ID display field in the listings showing the number.

Fast and Easy, Simplified!

There's really no guesswork with this. Use it a marketing device, place the same advertising in different sections of the site.

Repeating text columns, or information, not an issue, anymore. Just make and place.

What will I see?

The ONLY portion of the inserted post/page displaying is the content of the original post. "That's all, folks!"
No title, no side bar, no featued image. This is the sole focus of this plugin. An extremely easy way to reuse content.

How do I use it?

Quite simply, make a post, and take note of the ID number. Go to the destination, and add the shortcode wherever it is to be shown. Make sure the ID number is in place and its ready for prime time!

✅ Download

  • Download the plugin using the provided button link.

✅ Installation

  • Upload “insert-page” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.

✅ Operation

  • Create a post called "Advert-One"
  • Edit the post to reflect the advertising text, image, and links as the content.
  • Make a note of the ID number, this will be the instance indicator for the shortcode.
  • Edit all the pages where Advert-One is to appear, and use the Insert Page shortcode to insert a reference to the Ad you just created. The shortcode you need to apply should look something like this: [insert_xpage idnum="xxx"]
  • Be sure to set the ID *from the Advert-One post, to the "idnum" tag in the shortcode.
  • That’s it!  Now, whenever you want to change the advertising, just edit the Advert-One post you created, and it will automatically update all the pages you inserted it on.

✅ Organizing Tips

We love being organized. It makes life so much better when something is easy to locate. And this is how we organize our inserts.
*Follow these steps for a optimized system of files.

  • Create all insertions as private posts.
  • Mark all insertions as "PRIVATE"
    Doing this ensure they will not show in the blog as entries. They are classified as "hidden" and only the admin has permissions to view them.
  • *They will still display as inserts! - with the benefit of not being in the blog!
  • Create categories for those posts - this is a sure fire way to keep track of, and find with ease. All of your insert content.
  • Having a categorized list makes the search for, process easier. *A side note - tidier also.

✅ Creation Tips

Some ideas for use could be as simple as a series of links, or text information that precedes another content element.

  • Phone number inserts
  • List items
  • Contact info *not in footer

✅ Want to get it?

    Plugin provided "as-is" Robab Tools takes no responsibility
Current version is: 1.0a