Plugin Component Development

Premium WordPress and Visual Composer development
Our virtual staging point for our products.

We want to make what we do for clients available to anyone.   We are proud to release our suite of plugins, web enhancement tools for everyone to use and benefit from.

Robab Staff  

ADMINnotes, HRticulate and a suite of other plugins.

ROBAB Tools was established with the concept that simple is better. Why is it that some plugins are so convoluted and so overly complex, they break with alarming frequency.

The concept of a plugin is to help make sites more user friendly. Whether they are used for design, graphic purposes or as a internal processor, such as a post grid display method.

We have been developing varied solutions of different kinds and methodologies for over 7 years, and have decided we are ready to make our suite of plugins available to everyone.

With the advent of page building addons for CMS systems, like Visual Composer, it is apparent that these systems would be a perfect delivery choice for us.



Need to save a tag or shortcode for later reuse?

As an admin, how often has the situation of keeping notes of development processes or simply allowing the sampling of specific shortcodes or page code been lacking?   How many times have you wished that a simple instruction for a user be ready at all times?   Keep a record of reuseable snippets to assist in the creation of pages, and more. The sky's the limit!

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  Say it like a pirate! HAR - ticulate

Horizontal rules have just got better!

The HRticulate addon for Visual Composer gives more control over the line size, the colors, styles and positioning.   With the addition of the "Speechbox" feature, there is even more functionality for the humble <hr>

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  Say this like a pirate also! HAR - monizer

An even more "robust" version of HRticulate

Adds a whole new level of versatility for colors and styling. Allows you total control over any characteristic.

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Not "just another" video player!

A presenter for Vimeo or YouTube in a whole new way. Control the shape, border, angle and rotation of an embedded video.   Did we mention it's responsive?

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