Plugin Component Development

Premium WordPress and Visual Composer development
Our virtual staging point for our products.

We want to make what we do for clients available to anyone.   We are proud to release our suite of plugins, web enhancement tools for everyone to use and benefit from.

Robab Staff  


Developing solutions and functioning code for over 5+ years.

Most of our clients have had specific needs and requirements, and those needs and requirements do not come "out of the box".   In order to provide solutions that are not "built in",   or are not readily available.......



Whether they are design addon elements, mysql requirements, or the out of the ordinary. A solution was achieved.



With the development of these solutions, we have maintained a regular repository of ready to use, surplus of functioning code. This is an invaluable resource for us, as we regularly "dip into the well" to make use of this functioning material.


Moving forward

Being able to adapt to the changing market and keep abreast of the current flow of the workplace, this "well" of resources has helped us maintain our output to the highest levels. This has now been re-engineered into stand-alone plugins.


Less is more

Surviving in a marketplace where competiton is fierce and the volume of developers is abundant. We felt our primary focus for each plugin is to complete the task, and be as efficient as possible. This is why we do not "bloat" our plugins with unnecessary extra features that are sure to slow down the function, or worse yet, simply break.


Information access

Some plugins we have noted are woefully scarce in the way the information, or operation of the plugin is concerned. We decided for each plugin is to supply instructions, and if possible, samples for the user to refer to, in every plugin we deploy. There are settings pages and a handy "Version Control" built in to each plugin.



Why build the same thing? Over and over - again!

How many times have you built a page, or a section of a post, just to find it has to be repeated again?   This type of tedious work requires a simpler solution!   Why not create it one time, insert it anywhere. Need to change the content, and there are many copies of the same thing ( you painfully had to make), all over the place!   No problem!   Use Insert Page plugin, and no matter how many, or where the inserts are... they will automatically be updated whenever a change is made.

Check it out!


Need to save a tag or shortcode for later reuse?

As an admin, how often has the situation of keeping notes of development processes or simply allowing the sampling of specific shortcodes or page code been lacking?   How many times have you wished that a simple instruction for a user be ready at all times?   Keep a record of reuseable snippets to assist in the creation of pages, and more. The sky's the limit!

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Horizontal rules have just got better!

The HRticulate addon for Visual Composer gives more control over the line size, the colors, styles and positioning.   With the addition of the "Speechbox" feature, there is even more functionality for the humble <hr> Horizontal Rule.

Check it out!


An even more "robust" version of HRticulate

Additional creative control over custom lines, as well as the standard features that are built into HRticulate. This plugin provides the ability for any component part to be manipulated and completely changed.

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Not "just another" video player!

VidWin for Visual Composer has the ability to be bordered, framed, and positioned along 3 different types of page axis: X, Y, and Z. Including the ability to be rotated and skewed.

...and cuts off those annoying view more videos at the end of play (among other things we've added).

Did we mention it's responsive?

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What's on the menu, today!

A different type of menu display.   Not only what the item is.   Pricing structures based on item variables and serving or portion sizes.   Does it come with sides? and a listing of what they are.   How (Spicy/Hot) is it?   Does it contain nuts?   All this and more....

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On the Horizon.....

What we have planned.

Edgemont - Borders aweigh!   A new way to style your CTA's or any display box.
Phone Mate - Phone numbers to go, on tap.   Calling could'nt get easier.
Maitré D - Enhanced versions of Restauranter.
ARCADEFONTS - A passion of ours, right from the beginning.